“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!”

Today we finished making silage for the pigs to feed over the coming winter. This is fermented grass and clover which is baled and preserved by excluding the air.

It was mowed on Sunday, raked into rows on Monday, and baled and wrapped on Tuesday!

We are constantly trying to find ways to reduce our impact on the environment and this year we decided to have square silage bales rather than round because the net-wrap used on round bales cannot be recycled and goes into landfill.

The square shaped bales use string in place of the net wrap and this, along with the plastic wrapper around the outside (which keeps the air out and is essential for silage making) all goes to be recycled.

The first load of our organic wheat from last year’s harvest left our grain store today – Sam loaded it at 7am. 29 tonnes of it on its way to Marriages Mill in Chelmsford, Essex which I visited 38 years ago as a student at Writtle Agricultural College!

Who would have thought…!

Bailer being towed through field

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