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Visitor hut at Eastleach Downs Farm

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We’re delighted to see all our visitors embracing the new Visitor’s Hut & Farm Paths! During the winter season, the hub and facilities are open every day except Tuesdays. On Fridays and the weekends, we also provide refreshments however you’re always welcome to bring a flask and sandwiches if you’d prefer.

Donations for refreshments or to help pay for maintenance are much appreciated. Any donations above running costs will go to Compassion in World Farming.

To learn more about the hut and trails, please click the button below.

Winter Orders

As we begin reaching for blankets and stoking the fire in these winter months, why not stock up on our much-loved pork range as a delightful dinner or perhaps a New Year’s Day hangover cure?

You can fully restock your freezers with our Weekender & Classic Pork boxes – available through the Sandy Hill Mob’s website, linked below.

If you have any specific order requests, please don’t hesitate to reach out via our Contact Page where we’re more than happy to help.

Thank you always for your continued support!

The Wades

Who are EDOF?

At EDOF we are dedicated to the organic way of life, and have even won awards for it!

We farm organic pigs which we sell from our own on-farm butchery, and organic cereal crops.

Organic = free range. It is one of the criteria for animal welfare standards, and the primary reason we are organic, but it also controls what the animals are fed and how they are cared for throughout their lives.

We strive to farm with nature, encouraging all manner of wildlife, particularly insects and birds that have seen such a decline in recent years due to intensive farming. We see their contribution to the food chain as essential.

We work to a strict set of standards ensuring our farm sustains healthy soil, ecosystems and people.

We are certified and regularly inspected by the Soil Association, our organic certification body and we are accredited by RSPCA Freedom Foods.

The land that we farm is in a Higher Level Environmental Scheme which aims to encourage farm land birds back to their natural habitat. Years of unsympathetic farming practices have damaged these, and we are keen to redress the balance and to protect our diverse wildlife population.


Our produce brings you food you can trust. Look for the Organic Symbol. Our pork is pure and natural with no added water. This means you know exactly what you’re eating. No preservatives in our sausages!


We want to eat good food that is good to the animals and the environment. As a society we do not pay the full environmental cost of producing meat on an industrial scale, let alone the animal suffering involved.

We say #EatLessEatBetterMeat


We are the farmers who feed the pigs. We care for the animals ourselves and sell our own meat directly. No middle-man. Fewer food miles. A fair price for the farmer.

We are organic in every sense of the word. We invite our customers to take a walk around the farm and understand why we’re different.

Eastleach Downs Organic Farm Story

We are first-generation farmers. We started farming here as contract farmers on 30 acres of organic land on the Hatherop Estate in Gloucestershire. The estate was then owned by the late Sir Thomas Bazley who was an organic enthusiast and clearly ahead of his time! We were farming free-range pigs and although the sows were kept free-range, their offspring (the meat generation) were moved to another farm to be reared indoors. This is not what we wanted for the pigs so we decided to buy 2 sows a week from the herd to have as our own.

When we took the tenancy of the whole farm in 2000, we converted all the land to organic, and we now have 45 organic sows with all progeny spending their entire lives outdoors, able to dig and root and graze. This is more like it!

The estate is now owned by the Ernest Cook Trust, an educational charity and we see this as a key link to encouraging wider access to the land that produces our food.

Currently, we are converting the pig herd to a native breed, the British Saddleback, and we aim to feed them more sustainably with grazing of diverse herbal leys grown on the farm.

Our Products

We only sell pork from our own farm, butchered here using traditional methods in our small on-farm butchery.

Every product is handmade – our sausages have no preservatives, and our bacon is dry-cured for nearly a month to produce the best bacon ever!

Fresh or frozen, everything we sell is of the finest quality.

Our Blog

To see what is happening with us on the farm head over to our blog (updated when time allows!).