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Eastleach Downs is a small family farm dedicated to organic production. We aim to provide organic pork for local people who care about what they eat. Our free-range pigs are fed an organic, GM-free diet and live their lives in clover. They are kept in family groups where we provide for their every need. Our produce gives you:
    • Food that can be traced directly to our Assured farm because we have personally cared for and transported each animal, and because we sell only our own meat.
    • Pure natural pork with nothing added. There is no shrinkage when you cook and no wastage because all our joints are boned and rolled with a crackling that is second-to-none. Our pork tastes the way pork used to taste!
    • Affordable organic meat with fewer food miles, which is better for the welfare of our animals and better for the environment.
    • No preservatives in our sausages.
Our pork products range from joints and sausages to cured meat and specials such as diced pork, minced pork and spare ribs.

All products are produced to Soil Association Organic Standards

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To place an order, please call Helen Wade on 01367 850315 or email: helen@eastleachdowns.co.uk