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Winter at Eastleach Downs.

Pig Arcs with straw doormat

We use straw not only to bed up inside the huts, but also to create a thick pad of straw in front of the doorways. This acts as a doormat in the winter, and while the pigs don’t actually wipe their feet, the pad does remove a good deal of mud from their feet before they enter the huts – keeping the inside clean and dry.

Sow looking for food in the snow

The grass and clover grow much more slowly (if at all!) as the weather turns colder, so we feed the adult sows and boars more at this time.

Pigs at the feeder in the snow

The growing pigs are still fed ad-lib on pig-operated, weatherproof feeders; they often like to eat as a group.

Sow and litter in snow

The sows bring their litters out for a while when it is warm enough, but the first-time mums (known as gilts) sometimes bring their young out at inappropriate times - resulting in some rather cold feet…

Brrrrr !  Piglet with snow on nose

……… and noses!