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Summer at Eastleach Downs.

Tractor topping off seed heads

There is always plenty to do here at Eastleach Downs.
Weed control is a particular challenge at this time of year and being organic we use only mechanical control methods.
These include harrowing the soil to pull out weed seedlings in the spring, and the topping of seed heads in the summer.

Poppies in the crop

… but we accept that we will still have some weeds in our crops at harvest!

This year we have grown wheat and field beans.

Beans in field

We harvest the beans when they are dry. They are a valuable source of protein in organic animal feed.

Sow keeping cool in her water tough

It is very important to make sure that the pigs are comfortable in summer.
They all have wallow troughs so that they can make their own wallows.
They start off by getting in to these low-sided troughs and lying down. This is like getting into a very full bath, as the water sloshes over the sides and wets the soil.

Piglets with muddy snouts

The pigs then use their tough snouts to dig in the wet soil creating a muddy pool.
Even the piglets have a go at this!
They use this mud to cool off, and as a sun block!

Pig arc with back door removed

We remove the back doors from the pig huts during the summer to create a cooling breeze.
The straw-bedded huts act as shade and are comfortable to lie in (very important for pigs as they do like to be comfortable!)
They always return to their shady huts after wallowing.
Piglets feeding from muddy sow

One of the nicest things about summer has to be dining ‘al fresco’
Pigs at a muddy wallow trough

It is important to provide clean drinking water for the pigs at this time so that they are not tempted to drink from the (sometimes rather murky) wallow troughs!
They all have a separate high-sided drinking trough.