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Autumn at Eastleach Downs.

Round bales of straw

After harvesting the crops we bale the straw, this is the dried stem of the corn that is left behind after combining. We use this as bedding for our pigs over the coming year.

Ploughing in the stubble

The fields have to be ploughed in the autumn to expose weed seeds to the winter weather. We hope this will reduce the numbers that survive to compete with the next crop.
After ploughing we need a good hard frost to help control any pests or diseases living in the soil.

Pigs in hut and trees in sutum colours

The pigs seem to enjoy the cooler weather. The back doors of their huts are replaced now in readiness for the dewy mornings and strong winds of autumn, the shape of the hut allows air to pass smoothly over the top even in gales, pinning it safely to the ground.
Our sows farrow in smaller huts in the cooler months, we provide plenty of dry straw and the sows keep the huts warm for their litters with their body heat, we use no artificial means of temperature regulation - they are completely self sufficient.

Spiders web covered in dew

Rich colours are evident in the deciduous trees, which surround our fields, and in the seed heads of the weeds that escaped our best efforts to control them(!)…but they provide a good structure for spider’s webs, (studies have shown organic farms support a greater diversity of wildlife than conventional farms) and spiders can be useful predators of potentially damaging insects.